Orac W105 Rombus Element

30 x 34.6 x 3 cm

Part of our 3D Wall Panels collection, the design is based upon our original single W100 Rombus 3D panel.




W105 Rhombus Element


The Rhombus W105 is part of our 3D Wall Panels collection. The design is based upon our original single W100 Rombus 3D panel.

In effect the W105 is a cost effective alternative to the original design. For those looking to create an attractive 3D relief on a wall or ceiling this panel can be fitted three times more quickly than the sister product, and comes with a useful cost saving.

Each Rombus W105 is supplied in white primer, ready for you to decorate however you see fit.

Select one tube of FDP700 to install up to 8 x W105 elements. Want to paint the elements different colours? Simply brush or spray on your chosen paint before installing, and squeeze them back to the wall / ceiling once the paint has dried.

There is no need to use our FX200 glue with this product.

Recommended Adhesives

We recommended the use of FX200, FX210 for butt and mitre joints, and FDP700 Orac adhesives along the length of our profiles to ensure a good installation. On smaller Orac profiles being installed onto dry walls and ceilings (where any new plaster has had at least 6 months to thoroughly dry out) FDP500 can be used to fix mouldings. Please visit the product pages in the Adhesives section for further information.

FX200, FX210, FDP500 and FDP700 Orac Adhesives

Technical Info


Dimensions: 30 x 34.6 x 3 cm (one complete W105 has a surface area of 0.0972 m2) – Allow for at least 13 x W105 to cover a square metre of wall or ceiling

Finish: White Primer (to be finished in a paint of your choice)

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