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Orac W100

£14.00 (per piece inc. VAT)

Orac W100 Rombus Element



Orac W100 Rombus Element

Wall Decoration


15 x 25.8 x 2.9 cm
Rombus is part of our 3D Wall Panel collection. The W100 can be used to create unique three dimensional friezes for your interior. Position three W100 Rhombus elements together to produce a classic “Box Perspective”. 

Each panel is 258mm (25.8cm) long and 150mm (15cm) wide. Tip to tip the overall length of each element is 300mm (30cm long). Dovetailing three W100 elements together creates an overall shape 346mm high x 300mm wide.


Arrange three W100 elements together into a 3D geometric shape “mini pyramid” with the 18.5mm in the middle, or by rearrange the slope of each to make a 3 part dip into the centre. Perhaps the neatest look is when two elements have the 18.5mm high edge towards the centre, and the third has the thinner 7mm edge in the middle. This combination creates a pleasing three dimensional relief suitable for use on walls or ceilings.


Each W100 is supplied in white primer, ready for you to decorate however you see fit. Why not add a splash of colour? Select on tube of FDP700 to install up to twenty W100 elements. Want to paint the elements different colours? Simply brush or spray on your chosen paint before installing, and squeeze them back to the wall/ceiling once the paint has dried. There is no need to use our FX200 joint adhesive between elements.


As a rough guide we suggest using a minimum of 15 x W100 elements to create an attractive wall frieze which would look proportionate on a wall 600mm wide x 2100mm high.


  • Dimensions: 15 x 25.8 x 2.9 cm (one complete W100 has a surface area of 0.0264 m2) – Allow for at least 38 x W100 to cover a square metre of wall or ceiling.
  • Finish: White Primer (to be finished in a paint of your choice)
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