General Questions

Q: What prices are shown on this website?
A: All prices shown are Recommended Retail Prices, including VAT.

Q: Can I get a catalogue?
A: We are happy to send you our latest catalogue. Choose from:

  • The Orac Decor Book
  • The Best sellers Catalogue
  • The Xterio Collection
  • Our Indirect Lighting Booklet

Q: Can you send me a sample?
A: We are happy to send out short 110mm long samples of all our coving, lighting, skirting, and panel products. We cannot supply samples of complete products like Ceiling Roses, Mitre Boxes, and accessories (these should be purchased via our shopping cart).

Q: What materials are used in Orac products?
A: Orac Decor® products are made from high-quality polymers combining the strong, workable, characteristics of synthetic materials but with the look of wood or plaster.
We offer four product groups

  • Purotouch (a high-quality polyurethane material) supplied with a white primer finish. These are made in high definition moulds to give the best possible detail demanded by the most discerning clients.
  • Duropolymer (a tough extruded polymer material) supplied in a white primer finish).These have been widely used by House Builders and DIY home owners for the last 20 years.
  • Durofoam (a softer extruded polymer material) These inexpensive products can create similar effects to our more expensive ranges, but need to be bought in pack quantities and are generally produced in smaller sizes suited to modern homes.
  • XTERIO – Durable and attractive products specifically made for the UK market. These are pre-finished and do not need decoration. Each structural product is produced in a tough Luran S material, whilst most decorative mouldings are produced in polyurethane.

Q: Can I use Orac products outside?
A: All Xterio and Purtotouch® and products can be used outside. Always use DecoFix Power as installation glue and to use the DecoFix Extra for the joints. Please ensure all Purotouch products are finished with an exterior paint. Xterio products will not require painting. Please make sure that any products being fitted externally are installed when the temperature is 5 degrees centigrade and rising.

Q: What is the shelf life of the adhesive prior to application?
A: Our adhesives have a 12 month shelf life, please do not try to use products which have gone beyond their end date.

Q: Do Orac panels have good acoustic properties?
A: Yes, if you choose our W108, W109, W100, or W130 rooms can benefit from a sound deadening per square metre roughly equivalent to 50% of the effect produced by fitting half a square metre of deep pile carpet into the room. Full details are available to download here in PDF format.

Q: Are Orac products available in a fire retardant material?
A: In the majority of applications Orac Decor products do not require a fire rating, as they are not structural components.  However we recognise that some clients will want to install products with fire retardant properties.  As such we have our materials tested to EU standards every 5 years.  Our Purotouch mouldings can be supplied with a factory coating which allows them to offer fire retardancy to the European Standard Cs2d0 – which equates to the British Class 1 standard.  If you require this finish on your Orac Decor profiles please contact us for a specific quotation, and allow 3 weeks for delivery. Further fire testing information is available to download in PDF format.

Q: Can anyone install Orac Decor® products?
A: Most people will find they can install Orac Decor® products if they have good basic DIY skills and the right tools. Simply follow the installation instructions (sent out with every order) and use the right adhesives. Click here to download the installation guide or to watch installation videos.

Q: I would rather not install myself, who can I call?
A: If you’d rather not choose the DIY route we generally find a competent installer will love fitting Orac Décor products. Just make sure he has the right adhesives, and the relevant mitre box and you’re good to go! You might want to show him the fitting guides just to be on the safe side.

Q: I’d rather have an expert installer, what are the options?
A: We run training sessions at our Horsham office for £150 per person per day. If that appeals, please call us on 01403 240102 to fix up a session.

Q: Could I use one of your Approved Installers?
A: Certainly, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Please be aware that you may need to give a few weeks’ notice!

Q: Are Orac Decor® products easy to paint?
A: You’ll be surprised how easily the paint goes on, but there are a few tips to make the process easier. Firstly, we recommend that before you start painting gently glide a 240 or 320 grit glass paper across the surface of your Orac Décor product to give a good key. You may wish to add a suitable primer onto our base coat (as this can often enhance the finish). Unlike plaster alternatives our paint will simply sit on the surface of the moulding rather than soaking in. Whichever way you decorate your Orac Decor products you’ll find you need less paint than with traditional alternatives like plaster and wood.

Q: How can I get a High Gloss finish on Orac products?
A: On all Orac products use a brush can be used to apply a gloss finish. However for a clean highly reflective finish you might want to consider using a polyurethane paint which should be applied with a paint sprayer. In such cases you should choose our Purotouch products, which are references with a “C” or “P” or “W” prefix. We do not recommend applying polyurethane paint to our product codes starting with a CX or PX prefix as this can damage the profile and give a very poor finish.

Q: How should I finish joints?
A: Orac Decor® offers a seam glue for perfect joints: DecoFix Extra. Liberally apply the FX200 DecoFix Extra glue to the end of your coving, skirting or panel moulding. Then push the two pieces against each other. Any surplus glue should be removed immediately with a spatula. Remove any glue residue after 30 minutes using a spatula and the joint should be lightly sanded. Then the joint can be finished with a filler.

Q: How do I remove residual glue when installing Orac products?
A: Methods vary depending upon the product:

  • DecoFix Pro (FDP500 for interior porous surfaces): all surplus glue can be cleaned off with a damp sponge immediately after your mouldings are in place.
  • DecoFix Power (FDP700 for all exterior and New Build interior surfaces): Remove the surplus glue once the Orac mouldings are in place by running a palette knife along the edge of the profile to clean off excess.
    Some professionals make good by cleaning off the FDP700 the day after installation, simply by making a small incision in the surplus glue and then peeling it off as they walk around the room.
  • DecoFix Extra (FX200/FX210 for perfect joints): remove any glue residue after 20-30 minutes with a spatula and acetone, paint thinner or a cleaning cloth. Alternatively, if you do not have these to hand professionals often choose Industrial wipes, or even baby wipes to create the same clean finish. Extra Fix adhesive should not be left unattended beyond 2 hours, otherwise it may start to harden and making a clean joint may become impossible.

Q: How should I install Orac Pelmet Coving references?
A: When choosing C991, C341, C342,C343, C390, C391, C394. C395, C396, and C340 on the ceiling as pelmet moulding always use FDP700 to fix the profiles to the ceiling. FDP500 is not strong enough in this situation.

Q: Can you fix Orac Decor® products on painted walls and ceilings?
A: Yes, you can. However, the painted surface should be clean and dry.

Q: Can Orac Decor® products be applied on wallpaper?
A: Whilst this is not something we recommend (as the wallpaper adhesive is not formulated to carry the additional load of a moulding) it may be possible to fix directly onto wallpaper using our FDP700 adhesive. It is usually best to remove the wallpaper before fixing Orac Decor® products.

Q: How can I install an Orac Decor® flexible moulding?
A: When fixing more than one length of Orac Flex we recommend that you prepare the mouldings the day before installation. This is particularly important with larger references and panel mouldings around tight curves. Click here to view the installation sheet and the radius for each Orac Decor® FLEX product. Please try to avoid using flex beyond the recommended radius shown on the table. Failure to do so may result in an irregular finish, and we cannot accept liability for such errors.

Q: Some more tips and tricks on Orac Decor® installation?
A: Check out here our installation tips and tricks. If in doubt please call us on 01403 240102 for further advice.

Indirect lighting

Q: Do Coving and Mouldings sell LED lighting tape?
A: No, we focus on the decorative coving profiles and associated adhesives. Please source your LED lighting tape at your local Electrical Wholesaler, Lighting specialist or On-Line supplier.

Q: Do I need an aluminium channel to hold the LED?
A: Use an aluminium channel if you are using the coving as downlighting. Always use an aluminium channel for the Duropolymer® profiles (CX references) as this will prevent the light shining through the material. Whilst the Purotouch® profiles do not transmit light we still advise using an aluminium channel on these profiles as this dissipates the heat which in turn prolongs the use of the LED tape.

Q: Should I buy 12-volt or 24-volt LED tape?
A: Whilst12-volt is the cheapest option, we’d recommend the use of a 24-volt system will usually give a more consistent light output along the entire length of LED tape.

Q: Apart from the LED tape do I need anything else?
A: Yes, you will also need a “driver (if there isn’t one already supplied with your LED tape. One 24-volt driver will power up to 10 metres of LED tape. We also recommend using an aluminium channel to keep the LED tape flat when installed and prolong LED life. You may wish to consider using a diffuser to soften the LED light (particularly when using LED under a rooflight). Please ensure all your Orac profiles are installed using FDP700 adhesive, with FX200 used on all joints.

Q: Can I fit Orac cornice profiles for use with LED outdoors?
A: Yes, this is possible but please make sure you ask for specialist advice from your LED stockist, cheaper LED tape will not have the correct IP rating for exterior use (or installation in a humid environment). Note: We do not recommend using our SX179, CX188, CX189, or CX190 outdoors.

Q: How do I avoid seeing “dots of light”?
A: Ask your LED supplier to supply an appropriate Opal diffuser that will snap into the aluminium diffuser

Q: How do I connect the driver to my power supply?
A: We recommend using a qualified electrician, who will be aware of electrical legislation and can wire your LED tape directly to a light switch. Alternatively, you can simply add a plug to the driver and power the LED tape from a socket (although this will inevitably look less attractive). Some budget 12 volt systems are produced with a 5 metre pre-wired tape and come with a suitable plug and which require no specialist knowledge to install.

Q: Where do I hide the LED driver?
A: Most modern drivers are surprisingly slim and can be installed inside the light trough. When installing Compact Design Lighting or our 50 x 50mm lighting profiles the driver should be installed remotely. Please ensure that these are positioned safely in accordance with best electrical practice.

Q: What is the maximum permissible temperature for the Orac Decor® profiles (sold by Coving and Mouldings) in combination with lighting?
A: Orac Decor® profiles can withstand temperatures of up to 65°C (150°F).

Q: Can I install the indirect lighting profiles upside down, or at angle?
A: Yes. If you want to use the LED bars as down lighter, you have to install an aluminum support to integrate the LED bar afterwards.

Q: How do I trim my Orac lighting profiles to match my room size?
A: Each shipment comes with full fitting guidelines, but you will need a saw, adhesive and mitre box to make a neat installation. Always choose Orac adhesives to give the best results.

Q: Can I trim my LED lighting profiles to match the room size?
A: Yes, but first check the manufacturer guidelines. Most systems sold in the UK have clear trim marks (signified by a small diagram of a pair of scissors). Never trim your LED tape anywhere except on the permitted cut lines, and do not leave exposed wires after trimming.

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