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Pelmet Profiles

Each of these coving designs can be used to create a pelmets in next to no time! Traditionally curtain pelmets used to be created by adding a timber framework to the ceiling. These would usually be quite sturdy structures that would carry the lower edge of a plaster moulding. All of which either required additional tradesmen on site, or at the very least entailed extra cost and materials.
By using any of these coving designs homeowners, DIY installers, and tradesmen alike can recreate the classic pelmet look in a faction of the time. Each of these references has a two fixing points which allow our lightweight cornice systems to be supported entirely by the ceiling when fixed into place with our FDP700 adhesive.
How does this work out in practice? Simply install any of these designs as your coving around the walls of the room, and when running the coving across the ceiling in front of your windows fix the mouldings into place the requisite distance away from the window frame. Exactly where the coving is positioned will depend upon the thickness and pleats of your curtains.
Maybe you want to be more adventurous? Why not use your pelmet cornice to create a frame for an LED downlighting? Lightweight curtains and blinds will fit neatly behind the C341, and C390 references. Use C342 and C991 profiles for thicker curtain and blind options. Still struggling to see which design to use? Then perhaps our bigger C343, C344, C392, C393 might do the trick? Each of these bigger profiles will make excellent pelmets suited to properties with higher ceilings, but these references will benefit from having mechanical fixing added at 400mm centres when glued to the ceiling.
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