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Full Columns

Typically used externally as an architectural statement beneath a portico or flat roof canopy. These items are also suitable for adding a traditional feel to interiors on older properties.
Orac Decor columns can be created by combining two or three elements to make a complete column.
On older properties with a front door step the Plinth most regularly used is our K1132, which can be trimmed to suit most applications.
For the cylindrical part of column there’s a straight forward choice between plain or fluted shafts. Where there is no specific preference please note that the fluted version K1002 has parallel sides and looks “more complete” when trimmed. The plain shaft K1102 tapers both at the top and base, and looks best when left as manufactured.
The “Capital” or top elements can be added to help you achieve both the correct style, and optimum column height. The K1112 Doric capital is our best seller, but some enterprising clients with modern low threshold doors use the K1152 as both a capital and plinth to create a column of 2.25 to 2.26 metres tall.
Always use FDP700 adhesive to attach elemnts to the driveway, paving slabs below and underside of your canopy. Join elements together with FX200.
SAFETY NOTICE – All Orac Décor Columns are designed as decorative elements, the structural requirements for a canopy will need to be agreed with either a structural engineer or competent builder. These can usually be incorporated within the hollow structure of the columns.

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