Orac K1132 Square Column Plinth

35 x 35 x 57 cm

Use the K1132 as a base to a full column shaft under our K1102 or K1002 column shafts.




K1132 Square Column Plinth

Full Column Components


Use the K1132 as a base to a full column shaft. It can be used under our K1102 or K1002 column shafts.

Orac columns are purely decorative. Should you wish to include a load bearing element structural steel or timber supports can usually be accommodated within the hollow interior.

In some instances it may be easier to install two K1131 plinths cloaking the structural support. Please note that the flat area at the top of our K1132 would need to be cut on site in order to accept a structural support.

The K1132 can easily be cut with a hands saw on site if the overall height of your column needs reducing. As a general rule trimming the base of this plinth would be our first choice before reducing the height of the column shaft.

Call us if you have any installation queries.

Use our FX200 glue to fix the K1132 to the column shaft, and FDP700 adhesive to fix the plinth to a secure foundation/floor.

Recommended Adhesives

We recommended the use of FX200, FX210 for butt and mitre joints, and FDP700 Orac adhesives along the length of our profiles to ensure a good installation. On smaller Orac profiles being installed onto dry walls and ceilings (where any new plaster has had at least 6 months to thoroughly dry out) FDP500 can be used to fix mouldings. Please visit the product pages in the Adhesives section for further information.

FX200, FX210, FDP500 and FDP700 Orac Adhesives

Technical Info


Width: 35cm

Height: 57.5cm (can be trimmed on site)

Length: 3 cm

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