Orac P101A Panel Moulding Corner

24.5 x 24.5 x 2.4 cm




P101A Panel Moulding Corner


The intertwined spiral acanthus leaves and almonds of this ornament will bring a bucolic atsmosphere indoors.

1X DX119 – L 107 cm

2X DX119 – L 190 cm

2X D200 (9,5 X 9,5 X 3 cm)

2X D310 (9,5 X 25 X 3 cm)

Recommended Adhesives

We recommended the use of FX200, FX210 for butt and mitre joints, and FDP700 Orac adhesives along the length of our profiles to ensure a good installation. On smaller Orac profiles being installed onto dry walls and ceilings (where any new plaster has had at least 6 months to thoroughly dry out) FDP500 can be used to fix mouldings. Please visit the product pages in the Adhesives section for further information.

FX200, FX210, FDP500 and FDP700 Orac Adhesives

Technical Info


Width: 2.4cm

Height: 24.5cm

Length: 24.5cm

Installation Details


Product Video

French Paneling with Orac Decor Video

Orac Product Installation PDF