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Orac W121

£36.31 (per piece inc. VAT)

Orac W121 Wall Panel



Orac W121 Wall Panel


50 x 50 x 3.2 cm

Master Wall Panel (can be used with or without decorative inserts).


The W121 Wall Panel is a key element used for creating the “Autoire” classic look.  The whole concept behind the Autoire Collection was that Orac would offer an easily installed panelling system to recreate classic looks that are being lost in the modern era. The Autoire family of mouldings should be treated as a “toolbox” for recreating a style which would usually require specialist woodworking skills which have largely been lost since the traditional apprenticeships have died out.


Tradesmen using our Purotouch panels and adhesives can create anything from a traditional oak panelled room to a funky “Man Cave” or “Country Club” effect when combining the various elements of the “Autoire” range. In addition to the noticeable advantages of an easily installed man-made wall panelling system there’s a further key benefit.  The Autoir panel range can be used to “cover over” walls which are in a poor condition – without the requirement for masses of filling and making good before-hand.


Designs which feature floor to ceiling Autoir mouldings can either be spray painted on site (for the best finish) or painted by hand after the panels have been fitted.  For a more expansive panelled effect with gaps between the W120 and W121 installers will invariably need to paint (and make good) the walls and then apply paint to the panels as well.


If the project requires rectangular panels with further 3D relief then simply apply our additional Autoir series decorative elements. The most obvious addition is our rectangular W120, which like the W121 can also accept our W122 disc and W123 pyramid inserts.


We recommend you choose our FDP700 for fitting all Autoir decorative items. Do call us if you need further guidance on adhesives.


Here are the Autoir Elements you’ll find elsewhere on this site.


W120   1.50 x   0.50 metre Rectangular Panel

W121   0.50 x   0.50 metre Square Panel

W122   0.333 x 0.333 metre Disc Panel Insert

W123   0.333 x 0.333 metre Pyramid Panel Insert

C324    2 metre Panel/Coving Moulding

P4025  2 Metre Panel Moulding



Width: 3.2 cm

Height: 50 cm

Length: 50 cm

Orac Decor products available from www.covingandmouldings.co.uk