Orac W114F VALLEY XL Flexi Panel

L 200 x H 1.5 x W 25 cm

Also designed by Orio Tonini, it builds on the success of W109 VALLEY, as it’s larger version.




W114 VALLEY XL Flexible Panel


Flexible version of W114. W114 VALLEY XL is the newest addition to Orac’s 3D Wall Covering family.

Also designed by Orio Tonini, it builds on the success of the W109 VALLEY as it’s larger version. Together this perfectly balanced duo offers endless possibilities to cover your walls with personality.

Play with the rhythm of the different sizes and make rooms and colours come to life.

Flex Radius: Rmin = 40 cm, R**min = 30 cm

Recommended Adhesives

Choose 1 x FDP700 for every 2 panels purchased. Select 1 x FL300 filler to finish the long lengths joints of up to 5 panels. If you are joining the 250mm wide edges (on walls over 2 metres high) then use FX200 to join up to 20 panels.

FX200, FX210, FL300 and FDP700 Orac Adhesives

Technical Info


Dimensions: 200 x 1.5 x 25 cm

Finish: White Primer (finished in a paint of your choice after installation)

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