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Orac W108

£45.00 (per piece inc. VAT)

Orac W108 Zig Zag Panel



Orac W108 Zig Zag Panel

Wall Decoration


200 x 1.8 x 25 cm

The W108 Zig Zag is part of our 3D Wall Panels collection.

Release your creativity and design a unique work of art that’s a perfect fit for your home. Which way will you fit yours?


Vertically? If you cut the 2 metre long panel into two and install it above your skirting boards it will create a fabulous wainscotting effect. Trim it top and bottom with our CX190 moulding for the perfect finish.


Horizontally? Each 500mm wide panel would make quite a splash around the room. Make sure you use our FX200 glue on every joint.


Diagonally? Why not go one step further by splitting up sections with the CX190 trim to create neat divisions and decorate large areas in matching tones.


Our W108 panel can also be used outside the home. The Purotouch material is stable when applied to externally? Ensure you finish each ready primed panel with a suitable exterior grade paint.


How many will you need? Simply measure your wall and work out the square metreage. Each complete Zig Zag W108 panel covers exactly one square metre. When fitting our W108 3D panels select one tube of FDP700 adhesive for every 4 panels. Use FX200 joint adhesives where panels meet.


Each W108 3D panel is 2000 x 500mm square and projects by 18mm.


  • Dimensions: 200 x 1.8 x 25 cm (one W108 covers 0.5 square metres of wall – use 2 x W108 to cover a square metre)
  • Finish: White Primer (to be finished in a paint of your choice)
Orac Decor products available from www.covingandmouldings.co.uk