Orac P3020 Flexible Panel Moulding

200 x 6.1 x 3.2 cm

A decorative design, inspired by classical master pieces, adorned with fine details. P3020F minimum flex radii are 50cm and 180cm.




P3020F Flexible Moulding


Organic pattern with a beautiful acanthus leaf pattern. To create interiors with personality, use with C338, C338A, C338B, P3020A. Did you know? Leaf borders and scroll motifs were used extensively in the art and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome. Foremost of these was the acanthus motif. Some say the acanthus, one of the oldest flowers in the Mediterranean area, represents long life. Throughout most of its long history the leaf ornament generally known as acanthus is in fact an imaginary leaf used for its beautiful shape.

A decorative design, inspired by classical master pieces, adorned with fine details, that can bring back the character of a renovated house or contrasts with modern elements to enrich any setting.

P3020F minimum flex radii are 50cm and 180cm.

On profiles where we show two radius dimensions please use the tighter radius to show flexibility of the profile when curved through the narrower section. The wider diameter applies to the products flexibility across the wider profile.

Recommended Adhesives

We recommended the use of FX200, FX210 for butt and mitre joints, and FDP700 Orac adhesives along the length of our profiles to ensure a good installation. On smaller Orac profiles being installed onto dry walls and ceilings (where any new plaster has had at least 6 months to thoroughly dry out) FDP500 can be used to fix mouldings. Please visit the product pages in the Adhesives section for further information.

FX200, FX210, FDP500 and FDP700 Orac Adhesives

Recommended Mitre Boxes

FB300, FB13 and FB10 Orac Mitre Boxes

Technical Info


Rmin (flex): 50cm

R*min (flex): 180cm

Width: 3.2cm

Height: 6.1cm

Length:200 cm

Installation Details


Product Video

French Paneling with Orac Decor Video

Orac Product Installation PDF

Flexible Moulding Minimum Radius PDF