Orac K1001 Fluted Half-Column Shaft

22 x 11 x 199.5 cm

Use the K1001 as the shaft to a full half-column.




K1001 Fluted Half-Column Shaft

Half Column Components


Use the K1001 as the shaft to a full half-column. It can be added to one of three capitals. Choose between the K1112 Tall Doric Capital, K1151 short Doric Capital, or K1121 Corinthian Capital.

We recommend this option where a more detailed column is required beneath an external door canopy, or as a decorative feature inside a Victorian or Georgian home.

All Orac columns are purely decorative. Should you wish to include a load bearing element structural steel or timber supports can usually be accommodated within the hollow interior.

In some instances it may be easier to install 1 x K1002 column cloaking the structural support.

Having decided upon the capital and column shaft the final element is the plinth, which fits at the base of the shaft. Here we offer two options. On properties with standard front doors of 2.1 metres the K1151 plinth may be the best choice. If a square base is imperative than choose our K1131 base.

We are often asked about how to adjust the height of a column to suit a pre-existing canopy or ceiling height. Here there is no luxury of using straight off the shelf components. In this instance it is possible to trim the base of the K1001 shaft, or where a square plinth has been chosen trim the base of the K1131.

Call us if you have any installation queries.

Use our FX200 glue to fix elements directly to the column shaft or join 2 x K1001 together, and FDP700 adhesive to secure the capitals and to the canopy soffit/ceiling.

Technical Info


Width: 22cm

Height: 199.5cm

Length: 11cm

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