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Orac DX121

£23.11 (per piece inc. VAT)

Orac DX121 door surround Luxxus Collection


Orac DX121 Multifunctional Profiles


230 x 9.4 x 2.3 cm

This multifunctional, almost symmetric profile opens a world of possibilities and allows you to deliver customised first-rate work at an affordable price. Use a panel moulding, door frame, bookshelf, to raise a skirting board etc. Choose the model, customise the shape.

Use panel mouldings to create wall frames or wainscoting.  These can  evoke the atmosphere of stately homes, and tastefully protect your walls. They are equally suitable for both modern and classical homes, and can bring texture to any wall.


  • Width:2.3 cm
  • Height:9.4 cm
  • Length:230 cm
Orac Decor products available from www.covingandmouldings.co.uk