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Orac P8060 Flex

£52.69 (per piece excl. VAT)

Orac P8060 Flex Panel moulding Luxxux Collection




Panel mouldings


200 x 5 x 3.5 cm

This panel moulding, matched with the coving C337, creates the ideal boundary between wallpaper and a painted wall for a truly grand result.

This XL profile has been created as part of the Majestics family to fit into grand projects and spaces.

Use panel mouldings to create wall frames or wainscoting.  These can  evoke the atmosphere of stately homes, and tastefully protect your walls. They are equally suitable for both modern and classical homes, and can bring texture to any wall.

Exists in Flex. Flex profiles are really versatile and the finish is far superior to anything one could ever achieve with timber. Especially with design being pushed to its limits these days; rounded lines, circles and curves galore, you will install those flex to your walls and ceilings without any effort at all!


  • Rmin (flex):0,8 m
  • R*min (flex):2,0 m
  • Width:3.5 cm
  • Height:5 cm
  • Length:200 cm
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