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Orac C321 Flex

£70.90 (per piece inc. VAT)

C321F flexible cornice moulding Luxxus Collection



C321F Cornice mouldings


200 x 9.9 x 5 cm

The “Cotswolds” design coving suggests two different elements: one type of cornice moulding that is flat and one that is more classical. Nothing is further from the truth. This solitary moulding can also be used in two ways: with the flat section against the wall or against the ceiling. Check also its bigger brothers C339, C340 or C332.

A best-seller which has been very successful for a number of years.

Exists in Flex. Flex profiles are really versatile and the finish is far superior to anything one could ever achieve with timber. Especially with design being pushed to its limits these days; rounded lines, circles and curves galore, you will install those flex to your walls and ceilings without any effort at all!


  • Rmin (flex):1,4 m
  • Width:5 cm
  • Height:9.9 cm
  • Length:200 cm
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